Lost_cast_(season_1)Since it was aired on ABC on September 22nd, 2004 and up to the very end when the TV series was wrapped on May 23rd, 2010 – the series Lost had the consistent quality which was reflected in the ever rising number of fans and the consistency of the critical and commercial success. This is one of the most acclaimed TV series to this day, which has most definitely lived up to the critical expectations and the expectations of the public! When the final season was on the vast number of viewers was in tuned for the series, approximately the number in question is 11 million viewers! To this day, Lost has cemented itself as one of the best TV series that was ever aired. Today we will be discussing some of the main reasons why Lost has had such an incredible reputation and how it had managed to achieve this unprecedented success.


Unique Story Devices

pilot2caps-033The storytelling devices are one of the main reasons behind the success of Lost. That being said, not only that Lost uses plot devices which are unique, amazing and captivating, but they also had not been used up to this point in TV series. The stories are filled with mysterious storytelling and plot devices methods, which make the series not only complex, but they have also propelled Lost to success and secured a spot for it as one of the most amazing TV shows that has ever been on air. In addition to that, the plot is filled with mysterious characters and a captivating story which is definitely worth watching.

Awards For Lost

Lost has also received tons of wards which have definitely proved that not only this series has the support of the fans and viewers, but it also has the support of the critics. The very next year since it was aired, in 2005 Lost won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series. In addition to that, Terry O’Quinn and Naveen Andrews were also nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for their roles. 2005 has been a significant year for Lost, as it also won Outstanding Achievement in Writing for a Dramatic Television Series awarded to the show by the Writers Guild of America.

In addition to that, over the years the list of awards kept piling up and this of course escalated in 2010 when the series was over. The very last episode was nominated for multiple Emmy Awards which only serves to show that not only this series was dear to many, but also critically supported and acclaimed. I am sure that many people around the world were sad to see Lost end and would like to keep it around for a while longer. Still, the producers felt like they had told the entire story they wanted to tell and did not feel the need to drag on the show only in order to win more awards – for this, they should be applauded!