Lost-poll-pic.previewThis immensely popular TV series has surely captivated the attention of numerous people for years, and even once it was over it still remains to captivate many viewers and thrill many fans who watch it over and over again! This only serves to prove what an amazing TV series this is and how it influenced the lives of many people giving them in return some amazing moments they have had besides their television receivers and computers!

If you are a true fan of Lost series, there might be little to no known facts that you do not know about the series, still this article might prove you wrong! If you would like to learn more about your favorite TV show Lost, you have definitely come to the right place as today we will discuss everything you wanted to know about it and everything that might interest you about this amazing TV show that still has its loyal fans!

When Was It First Aired?

lost-pilot-one_lThe popular TV drama and a captivating television series Lost, was first aired on TV network ABC, way back in September 2004. Even though this may seem like it was a while ago, for true fans of the series who have watched it from the get go, it seems like yesterday! The pilot episode has hit it hard in the audience and the audience seemed to be thrilled with this amazing, yet completely innovative and different TV show.

The pilot seemed to stir the public with its peculiar blend of science fiction and supernatural elements. This uniqueness of the show is precisely what has attracted numerous viewers, or to be more precise the series let to the average of 16 million viewers which is completely mind-blowing!

A Unique Concept Of Lost

Lost has managed to gross this superb amount of viewers and gain the support of the public namely due to the strange nature of the beginning of the series and as it has been mentioned earlier, its unique blend of supernatural elements and science fiction elements to the story.

This unusual plot is what many viewers found captivating and they have instantly found themselves smitten with the story of Lost. That being said, there are also numerous story-telling devices which are used in the series that have been at that moment completely ground-braking and innovative in the TV offer.

The stories in the series are told using flashbacks, flashforwarding and complex and mysterious storytelling methods. To top it off, the series was shot in a dream-like location on Ohau and all of these elements when brought together have made a TV series which is popular to this day! The high ratings were steady throughout the show and the total series ran for six years when it finally concluded on May 23rd, 2010. During this time 11 million viewers would sit to watch the final season – what an achievement for Lost!